Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back To Life...City Centre, Aberdeen

I think I owe some explanations and apology for a quite long break in blogging.
It was a hard time last month for me and my 7-months-baby. There were some
complications with pregnancy and we had to spend 2 weeks at Maternity Hospital.
After everything came back to normal, we were sent  back home and back to
a normal life - finally! Here are some photos of me and my Spanish friend from
work - Ana. Ana is a mature woman full of life and energy. She always plans
our meetings and keeps me entertained - thank you Ana! We met last Wednesday
in the city centre. After walk, we went to my favourite coffe house for cappucino
and carrot cake. This this a place, where you can find me in my free time. I feel
there almost like at home..:-)

Outside RGU - Robert Gordon University

The Coffee House, 1 Gaelic Lane, Aberdeen  CLICK

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