Saturday, August 24, 2013

Elegance...On Huntly Street, Aberdeen

You don't need to put on yourself plenty stuff to look elegant
- today I understand it.
But 10 years ago I used to wear earings, bracelets, sunnies, belts and many
other types of accesories at once, which actually used to make me look funny,
not chic :-)
Definetly less is more and I stick to it!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Chill...On Union Terrace, Aberdeen

Summer chill for me means comfy shoes and very simple casual clothes
plus sunnies and/or hat. I would just add eco bag or sachet.
This outfit works perfect for me and even a girl could wear it, don't you think so?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spanish Family...On Belmont Street, Aberdeen

I met a group of Spanish family, while passing through Belmont Street.
They were sitting all on a window ledge, drinking beer and having a nice
time during hot summer days in Aberdeen, which are unfotunately gone.
I photographed a father and his daughter - they look so lovely together!
mmmmmm :-)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Funky....On Schoolhill, Aberdeen

I wouldn't change anything in her outfit. I like her funky style - curly hair,
crazy-patterned dress and my favourite sportswear - the New Balances.
I plan to buy black'n'white one for autum! These are shoes - icons,
which are always in fashion and probably they will never get cheaper :-)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Meaningful Event in Aberdeen - Walk For Women

Walk For Women

What is it?
One hundred years ago thousands of women walked from all across Britain, starting from as far away as Lands End and Newcastle, converging in Hyde Park, London on the 26th July.
There were 50,000 women assembled in Hyde Park on that day in 1913. 
They were demonstrating to the government how many women wanted the right to vote.

What's the idea of the Walk?
The idea is to celebrate The idea is to celebrate those women this summer by gathering with a few, or with many, and walking.

Walk For Women Aberdeen CLICK
A group of women met at the Art Gallery at 1.00 pm last Saturday and walked meaningful miles around Aberdeen to mark 100 years since the 1913 assembly in Hyde Park to demonstrate for women's suffrage. I really appreciate these ladies and such a worthy idea!  
By the way, they looked so originally and authentic that people were coming across the street to take photos of them :-)

You will find more information here:

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lovely Couple...On Union Terrace, Aberdeen

There is actually nothing more to add than to say that I love her outfit,
her skull and mostly - her puppy!! Adorable couple without doubt!

Friday, August 2, 2013

March Hare Market....Boys Brigade HQ, Crimon Place, Aberdeen

The March Hare Craft & Vintage Market is a regular monthly market in Aberdeen.
I went there last weekend for the very first time and I was nicely surprised that we have such an interesting market in Aberdeen. The market features an eclectic selection of stallholders from vintage fashion to handmade furnishings. It's a free event and doors are open from 11am-4pm. I'm pretty sure that I will visit the market next month! Join me!

March Hare Market website:

And this is one of my favourite buyers:

Sea Breeze Crafts 

All the goods are handmade by The Author - Kasia K - with Eco- friendly jute - very durable fiber with a beautiful, natural look. As she says about herself: "I love nature and I'm the happiest when I'm surrounded by it".
Jute fibre is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.
It doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizers to grow. It is one of the most versatile natural fibres that has been used in raw materials for packaging, textiles, non-textile, construction, and agricultural sectors.

Visit the websit e for more details:

Fabric notebook
Fabric phone cover
Tote shopping eco bag

I'm sure that you will find something interesting for yourself! :-)