My name is Magdalena Chelminiak and I am 28 year-old. I am architect graduated from Gdansk University of Technology in Poland and Politecnico di Milano in Italy. I live and work as freelance interior designer and stylist in Aberdeen. I provide unique, creative solutions reflecting the client's individuality and lifestyle needs. In a free time, I walk with my  digital camera in Aberdeen's city centre to find interesting fashion street styles. I hunt for originality, not for copying trends.
Except of Fashion, my passions are Architecture and Design. I love Italian cuisine, cats and travelling!


  1. HI! I love your blog - just what Aberdeen needs! I moved here from Paris and was missing some serious fashion news :)

  2. Lovely blog which has inspired me. i study photography at Gallowgate and this style of photography is my next adventure. well done :)

  3. I'm from Aberdeen and I think when your from here it's difficult to see the good things but wow you have made it look pretty darn nice and showing me there is more fashionable folks in Aberdeen than I thought! I'm a Fashion Management student and often feel there is a lack of fashion here!

  4. Thank you Girls for a good word about my blog! This words mean a lot to me;*
    Actually I started my career with blogging in 2009. As a fashion blogger I presented my own daily and casual stylizations every week. In September 2012 I arrived to Aberdeen again. Unfotunately I had no photographer here, who could take photos of me, so I decided to take photos of the others! ;-) And taht's the story began..
    Even 3 years passed since I moved to Aberdeen, I still think and agree with you, that there is a lack of fashion , which upsets my totally. In my hometown in Poland, we had many fashion events, especially the most popular were The Swap Shops. I was thinking, maybe I could organise one here?
    If there is someone interested in swap shop, please let me know..
    Thanks again!

  5. Dear Meg!świetna stronka, fajnie zajrzeć i zobaczyć kawałek świata. Świetny pomysł, daj czadu!!! A dla Ciebie na rozgrzewkę piosenka pt.: Ona Tańczy Dla Mnie...;)

    1. tiaaaa, ta piosenka mnie tak rozkręca, że aż zatrzymać się nie mogę! :DDD

  6. I'm going to spend 3 weeks in Aberdeen and so happy to have discovered your blog! It's really hot where I live so I'm trying to figure out what clothes to bring for the weather. Also do you have any recommendations of charity/thrift/vintage shops in Aberdeen? Besides H&M, Zara, Topshop, primark etc, what are some great clothing stores to check out?

    1. Dear Gloria,

      Are you already in Aberdeen? Couse I've just noticed your message...hope that it's not too late to respond..:-)
      Aberdeen is kind of mooody Scotish city, so weather can be really suprising!
      But we are very lucky this summer and the weather is brilliant I would say! But you should take some light and warm clothes and a good umbrella :-) There are still Sales in shopping malls, so If you will need sth desperately, you can always buy some cheap stuff :-)

      I recommend you:

      Coffee/Chocolate House/Drinks:
      1) The Coffee House (good coffee and lunch) - Gaelic Line (side street from Belmont St)
      2) Coco Ooz (chocolate, not only to drink)- Belmont Street
      3) Syberia (food&drinks&alcohol)- Belmont Street
      All of them are located next very close to each other in the city centre - check the map!

      Charity Shop:
      1)I don't remember the name, but it's next to the Music Hall on Union Street.
      Clothes are selected in groups, this charity shop is very clean and looks like a boutique :-)

      Vintage Shop:
      Actually there are a few of them, but quite expensive. I can recommend you the one on St Andrew St, just next to John Lewis. It's very affordable vintage shop!

      If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask me :-)
      Have a great time in Aberdeen!!


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