Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oldschool Bike....Outside City Council, Aberdeen

Oh, I am a big fan of bicycles, my husband even bigger than me. I love especially those oldschool one,
which remind me my childhood spent in Poland - priceless times! Following my sentiments, I bought
a Dutch-type bicycle 2 years ago, here in Aberdeen. Unfortunately, after a few months gears got
broken and I had to give it back to the store. Since that moment I haven't bought a new bike yet..
Probably the perfect model for me hasn't been designed yet! :-)
Here you have a picture of me and my burgundy city bike:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Tourist...St.Nicholas Square, Aberdeen

When I first saw him, I asked myself question: "Where da hell is he from?!" ;-)
I suspected him to be from the past - middle 80s or 90s. He flew to city Aberdeen directly from Olimpic Games to return the old-fashion and became a live model and the most popular human being in the world. But I was wrong..He was just a belgian boy..But you know what? I totally like his look: I like his pince-nez, white hat and those super comfy red long socks! He rocks!! ;-)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Classic Minimal...On Little Belmont Street, Aberdeen

It's time to come back to our dear citizens after so many positive emotions taken
from Aberdeenshire Fashion Week. Weather is getting better and better and more
people decide come out from their caves and get some sun and positive energy.
I'm just wondering "What is the best receipt for spring outfit?".
I would go in two ways: Colourful Bomb or Classic Minimal like this one presented
on the photo above. But both ways need layers - cardigan, jacket or blazer just
in case when the weather changes - couse it changes a lot in Scotland - and sunnies
- colourful, small, large, black or whatever. Sunnies always look cool and protect us
from getting new wrinkles;-)

Friday, May 3, 2013

AFW 2013 - Kayleigh MacBeth & DK by DK Darlington

It's time to present next designers, which showcased during Aberdeenshire Fashion
Week. To be honest, I was looking forward to see Kayleigh's collection, whose designs
came from out of space to planet Earth! I really love people with phantasy and sense
of humour.
I just wonder which one fashion designer was your favourite during the fashion show? ;-)

Kayleigh MacBeth
Kayleigh MacBeth - a small and independent fashion label, combining couture
and ready to wear clothes for women who are allergic to the counterfeit.
Since graduating from the prestigious Fashion Design for Industry course of Edinburgh's
Heriot-Watt University, Kayleigh has been making waves in Scottish fashion, designing
and hand making all her garments in Scotland for the street and stage.
It is said that Kayleigh MacBeth is edgy, sexy and fierce and not for the faint hearted.

Kayleigh says: "For my graduate fashion collection I created six outfits from
a character I created called "Alba." She is half human-half robot living in the year
2097, she was created for the purpose of humans; a typical household robot
however a default in her programming enabled her to develop feelings.
The government decide all the robots of her serial code must be destroyed.
Alba fights for her existence or would you call it her life?
I wanted the generation of today to become aware of what the future might bring
and to even question people to question who or what has a soul?
Collection was all designed, pattern cut, sew and embellished by myself.

Photos by Dorota Puszkiewicz-Nowicka

DK by DK Darlington
DK Darlington is a British fashion clothing company, which captures his 
customers through his imagination and storytelling of the garments. 
Where he is always searching for perfection within the two brands. 
The Designer says: "We work & strive to design the very best clothes, 
with the highest quality of craftsmanship."

Collection consists of two labels: Youngfox and Kimalie.
Youngfox mens wear is based on self-expression with a smart edge to it.
Kimalie is a sexy yet elegant female wear which meets the needs of the 
woman about town.

Photos by Dorota Puszkiewicz-Nowicka

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

AFW 2013 - Katie Sharp & Zoey Cumming

I spent a great time watching fashion shows of well known fashion designers from
Northern Scotland last weekend at Copthorne Hotel in Aberdeen.
The Aberdeenshire Fashion Week started on Saturday the 27th at 11 am and finished
on Sunday evening on the next day. I worked there as photographer and  journalist,
so I could see the whole event also from backstage, which was quite a nice experience.
I watched loads of talented young artists, stylist, hairdressers and make-up artists helping
that weekend to make the wish come true.Lydia Kemunto - the organizer and founder
of AFW worked even more hard to put over such a fashionable phenomena in Aberdeen.
The results of months of arrangements were great like for the first time.
We could witness a professional organization and very talented fashion designers presenting
their individual collections on a catwalk. Next Fashion Week is planned to be organized
in October 2013. I strongly belive that this event will be continued every season and it will
develop one day to such an event like London Fashion Week!! ;-)
I present you a schedule of first day of AFW and photos of Katie's Sharp
and Zoey's Cumming collections!
Hope you will enjoy their style and you will come to the next Fasion Shows in Autum!

Saturday 27th April

11:00 Lord Provost George Adam Welcome Speech
11:20 Katie Sharp
11:40 Kalamaty by Zoey Cumming
12:00 Shoe La La
12:20 Christina Stewart
12:40 Eagle Fashions by Richa Kapoor
13:00 Lunch Break
13:40 Kayleigh MacBeth
14:00 Kemunto by Lydia Cutler
14:20 Dk by DK Darlington
14:40 Break
15:00 Christina Stewart Collection
15:20 Edna Forbes
15:40 Katie Sharp
16:00 Eagle Fashions by Richa Kapoor
16:20 Shoe La La
16:40 Kalamaty by Zoey Cumming
17:00 Positive Runway Global Catwalk

Katie Sharp
Graduating student showcases her final year collection after studying Fashion&Textiles
at Heriot Watt University. During this period she gained experience whilst attending
Central Saint Martins and more recently interning for top Belgium designer
- Ann Demeulemeester.

The use of luxurious brocades and striking leathers come from the mixture
of textiles worn by Japanese Geisha's. Re-inventing the kimono into something
modern and wearable became the design for the silhouettes. Each garment does
not have a specific size as it is to be worn with confidence and ease.
The collection should make you reconsider how you look at things and it turn
make you aware of how you see clothes and the subject of sex.

Photos by Dorota Puszkiewicz-Nowicka

Zoey Cumming 
A recent graduate from Aberdeen's Gray School of Art.

The main collection of latex and recycled rubber garments and accessories, demonstrates
a pioneering approach to design for today's ecological climate with a sustainable attitude
to fashion design by using clever cutting, zero waste policy and some recycling, while at the
same time creating something dynamic and unique. Inspired by music festivals, where fashion
design is a free-for-all to self-indulge. During the design process Zoey developed a number
of techniques to achieve a variety of textured textiles such as weave, fringing and print-on latex.

Photos by Dorota Puszkiewicz-Nowicka