Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oldschool Bike....Outside City Council, Aberdeen

Oh, I am a big fan of bicycles, my husband even bigger than me. I love especially those oldschool one,
which remind me my childhood spent in Poland - priceless times! Following my sentiments, I bought
a Dutch-type bicycle 2 years ago, here in Aberdeen. Unfortunately, after a few months gears got
broken and I had to give it back to the store. Since that moment I haven't bought a new bike yet..
Probably the perfect model for me hasn't been designed yet! :-)
Here you have a picture of me and my burgundy city bike:


  1. great photos :)

  2. Kolorowe rowery są świetne;) sama musiałam moj miętowy pokazać na łamach bloga niedawno


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