Friday, April 26, 2013

Quilted Jacket...On Union Street, Aberdeen

His outfit reminds me my first trip to Rome in 1996, when I was actually a kid.
I remember all Italian men wearing quilted jackets in three different colours:
navy blue, burgundy and green. I was really fascinated and I promised myself,
that one day I will buy one and wear it with passion and love. And I did it.
In 2007 I moved to Milan as membership of Erasmus Student's Exchange.
I was curious if Italians still wear this type of jacket and if it's accepted to
still wear it in Milan..couse as everybody knows, Milan is the world's capital
of Design and Fashion, where fashion changes strictly every season..
As you can guess, milanese still wear quilted jackets, maybe not such in force
like in 90's, but still with some kind of sentiment and passion.
If you travelled to Italy and haven't noticed this phenomena, please mind it next time
and you will know what I'm talking about..;-)
By the way, do you have your own quilted jacket in your wardrobe?

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